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An entertaining, lighthearted read…

     Ian’s adventures in time travel continue with this entertaining second installment in Starnes’ Saving History series as he gets ready to join the time-traveling institution, forming new allies while the old enemies return. 

     Now that the confusion about how the Time Keeper works is over and Ian is aware of his family’s history, he is ready to join his special school to sharpen his time-traveling skills under the guidance of his history teacher and mentor Jax. The faster he learns to use his special gifts; the easier it will become for him to get his best friend Kayla back from the past. But Ian and Jax’s journey to the school is not the simple train ride as they imagined it to be: there are strange occurrences, horrendous circumstances, and vicious enemies to face. The only silver lining is the presence of new allies who also have scores to settle with the malevolent Mason. 

     A time-traveling novel with its intricate layers of world building and multiple, chronological time-travel trips can make for an intimidating read for people with reading disabilities. With his own diagnosis of ASD and Dyslexia, Starnes is obviously well-versed with the difficulties faced by people with reading disabilities and thus, keeps the story line ridiculously simple. His protagonists riotously journey through time as he efficiently moves it backward, forward—and freezes it in present.

     Laced with sly humor and witty dialogue, the engrossing time war between Ian and his companions and the villainous Mason plays out at a leisurely pace. The reader will welcome the entry of the new protagonist, the feisty Kenzie. Her sharp observations and fiery dialogues laced with sarcastic humor lighten the overall mood of the dark situation she finds herself in along with her young brother. 

     Ian’s ability to welcome his old nemesis, the school bully Michael, brings a heartwarming feeling with its underlying message of the importance of forgiving and accepting others despite their weaknesses. The prologue for the next book makes the reader excited for the series as it sees the Council getting ready to assign three special messengers to make a correction to the timeline, introducing exciting new heroes and vicious villains with the promise of a madcap struggle between the good and the evil.

     With relatable characters and a straightforward handling of his protagonists’ time travel adventures, Starnes’ absorbing read offers a timely viewpoint on friendship, bullying, and family ties.

Barnes & Noble Ranking 2/4/2020 #62

Robert Stares


This book became a Best Seller with Barnes & Noble today!

I put my heart and soul into all of the installments of Saving History Series, and to have one of them recognized as a Best Seller at Barnes & Noble today, only makes my heart happy! That means people will be reading the dedications and I hope talking to their kids about how wrong bullying is! I also hope they are teaching their children that its better to get involved by stopping bullying, that to be a part of the bullying itself. Remember, everyone has feelings, and not all of people have anyone to go home to share their feeling with, so they suffer alone. They shouldn't have too, if someone would stand up next to them.  I actually dare everyone to go out, if you see a bully, then stand up to them for the person they are picking on. You will make a difference in a persons life with one small gesture.  Lets put an end to teen suicide or violence. You can make a difference. How do I know? Because I feel I am and that is all that matters, is that I am trying and I wont stop trying until all children are safe. Help me help them!  That's all I ask!!

Voracious Readers Only



This book was sent to me for review by the author.

Just finished book two of the Savings History Series, School Bound by Robert Starnes. It was so good, the plot for this series was thought out so well. I again read through it all in a few hours like I did with book one. It's so good I don't know how else to describe it. This is definitely one of the best series I've read so far this year. Can't wait to read book three in this series. The characters are well written and are easy to fall in love with. The story moves along smoothly and easily and doesn't drag. Some books I read and I'm like just move along, but with this series I never got bored. Would highly recommend picking up this series. Check out my previous post for a review of book one.

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