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Eric Karl Reinholt Sr. is an author, actor, director and producer and was born as Eric Karl Reinholt. After 6-years in the Navy, he got his start in radio while working on a BA in Communication at the University of Texas at Arlington. He worked in radio for over a decade before making the transition to TV News, and then theater and film.

Eric hopes this latest venture, Trip of a Lifetime, will educate you about a possible future scenario of our world and its inhabitants. He hopes to also make you laugh, cry, and draw you into the lives of the various characters.

I am pleased to Feature Kerala Green and Shannon Green for their work writing this, not only Children’s book but also for adults as well. This is a helpful guide to help Adults, as well as other Children, how to approach and even speak to Children with any Special Gift’s, instead of being scared and ignoring them, or making fun of them. Please take time to check it out. Its on sale now on Amazon, so just click the link and you will see for yourself.  Also check her out on IG at @green_stree12, or read all about her and Scottie on her person webpage.

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