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About the Author

     Robert Starnes was born and raised in a small town in NE Texas called Enloe. He attended K-12th grade on the same school campus at Cooper ISD, in Cooper Texas. During school years, Robert was very hyper-active, had a short attention span, and had a hard time reading. His mind would read the words faster than he could speak them, yet during his school years there was not a test for learning disabilities, so he did get into a bit of trouble.

          After many years of fun and creative jobs in customer service, Robert found his calling in the Multifamily Housing Industry. He began his career as a Leasing Professional in the year 2000, in Dallas Texas. Since then, he has worked in seven different states, most of that was due to being able to travel and train others about leasing apartments, or once promoted to Assistant, train other Assistants. This was where Robert could excel and train others, instead of being criticized for his reading inability. He became a Business Manager in the year 2005, and again, he was travelling and training other Managers. Robert has been with one company for over thirteen years and has won almost every award they have ever presented, but it was his passion that kept him going.

     Over the years, the training for Leasing in the Multifamily Housing Industry has become too impersonal and more online. To Robert, this was taking away the human factor in actually getting to know who you are leasing to and being able to make that connection needed to lease an apartment. This was one of the reasons he wrote “The Multifamily Housing Guide - Leasing 101”. He is very passionate about the Multifamily Housing Industry and wants to continue to help it grow and succeed with the best Leasing and Marketing Professionals, so now they will have the tools.

      Robert started “Saving History” as a short story, which he sent to a friend to read. Once she read it, she said she wanted more. That was all it took for Robert to expand his writing from a 7,500 word short story to this first book of the “Saving History Series, Time Keeper”. There are now four books in the “Saving History Series, ‘Time Keeper,’ ‘School Bound’, made the ranking of #62 on Barnes & Noble top 100 list on February 4, 2020 after releasing on March 22, 2019, ‘Search Begins, made #248 on Barnes & Noble top list on July 5, 2019 after its debut on August 15, 2019, and last but not least we have ‘Loose Ends’, which went up to #42 on Amazon UK on December 2, 2019, while released on September 11, 2019.

     Robert has written the “Saving History Series” in hopes that it will encourage others that were like him growing up. The ones who did not read because they had a hard time doing so and were afraid others would find out, or they did know and you were embarrassed. Robert wants others with any learning disability to be able to pick up his books and have the same enjoyment and satisfaction of being able to say they read an entire novel, even if it is not 80,000 words, it was still a novel packed with action, adventure, history, and suspense. Everyone deserves that feeling when you finish reading your first novel for the first time. When he says everyone, he means everyone!

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